Party Halls for birthday & functions

Party at Banquet Hall in Delhi

With the modern era, the emergence of social tools and social sites such as facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat together with new wave of instant messaging from whatsapp, wechat has come the need to stay in competition. Banquet hall venue & party halls in Delhi are the topic we are discussing here.

Competition not in a business sense but on a far more personal level, be it a daily routine, your vacations and party needs.

Statistics have shown an increase in organized celebration on kids birthday by up-to 500% in metro cities, citing the widespread and household use of social platforms, which incite the need to replicate, beat, better the shared celebration.

This is where banquet halls and organized facilities come-in. A celebration can be for many things and the requirement changes as per the occasion. Kids can have their birthdays celebrated in banquet or party halls with certain installations for ball pool, bouncy, arts-crafts and other activities.

Birthday Party of young generation

Teenagers can opt for either going to a games parlour like funcity, smaash or a adventure park. While some teenagers love to have a dance party hosted at a small banquet hall. Whatever the choice they end up spending at a minimum of 400 on one kid at least.

Adults usually go for a family dinners at a restaurant and in case of a milestone birthday even they opt for a get together hosted at a small to medium banquet venue. The average spending can go to upto 1500 per person depending on the venue and offerings made.

Despite the unusually high number of restaurants and pubs coming up in every part of Delhi, banquets is the choice if you really want to make best out of a occasion owing to the customizeable factor. Gatherings at banquet hall can have the choice of music,DJ, food, beverages, timing, lighting, seating as per the convenience. Organized themed birthday party with DJ music and games available at Hotel Metroview among other locations.

Weddings in Banquet Hall in Delhi

During wedding season not only are all the community halls, party lawns, farm houses, banquets, hotels all sold out even bylanes and roads have tents and caterers set up to host weddings, such is the state in high peak season. This clearly depicts that with ever increasing population of Delhi, venues for party will never be left vacant.

From 5 star hotel like Oberoi, ITC Maurya, Jaypee Siddhartha to big farmhouses like Vedas, Umrao, Jehan to big party lawns such as Ajmal Khan Park to banquet hall like Golden moments, Metroview banquet hall, Invitation banquets. There are options of every sort for every budget.

The curious fact is that there is utter chaos in some of high density banquet hall / venue areas such as GT Road, Delhi – Gurugram express way, Najafgarh Road. Despite this they remain a choice due to the shortage as mentioned earlier.

Pricing of Venue & Banquet hall

The venue are priced mostly according to the services offered which start as low as starting 400 rupees and can go upto 3500 rupees for the 5 star banquet including liquor charges.

The farmhouses such as Umrao etc are pre decorated for most part and only require final custom touches. 5 Star hotels although elegant in their own way would need some sort of decoration. Party lawns have also got various pre fabricated setups available with them and they install it according to the needs of the client. Venues and places which use good quality and powerful air conditioners and kitchen appliances tend to have better overall satisfaction levels.

The most cost effective and safe venue is still the Banquet hall owing to the safety from natural elements yet customize-able to the core, banquets such as hotel metro view party hall, golden moments, invitation are elegant to start with and only require minimum decorations.

Food & Drinks

Food is the most important part of any event, gathering and party hall. A delicious, healthy, safe food spread not only is remembered and cherished but also helps a venue rope in more customers. Food spread can include chaat papdi, fresh fruits, live counters for pizza pasta, south indian, live tikka counters and many more such options. Various options for liquors, Indian & imported also increase the price factor of any even and gathering. Banquet hall at Metroview is completely flexible and has all the options for all your needs.

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